About Us

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Our founder is not a professionally trained cook if you consider, a professional is someone who has graduated from culinary school.   However, we believe he is more qualified than many culinary school graduate, considering he learned from his incredible Italian Mother. It was the solid foundation set by his mother that allowed him to master his way around the kitchen as well as achieving whatever he set his mind to.

In June of 2011, he left his engineering position in San Diego to pursue his passion for cooking and bringing a specialty pizza from the time he spent in Chicago.  He picked Los Angeles as a launching place since it lacked a proper restaurant worthy to take the name “Chicago style deep dish”.  The humble beginning started in a professional kitchen. We literally met customers in an alleyway to hand them their pies. Lack of a storefront did not stop people. The authentic Chicago flavor quickly made Hollywood Pies like an underground, Chicago-inspired, deep dish pizza place. Hollywood Pies gained a must-have, cult status in just a few months which has morphed into our current pick-up or delivery location. We offer from scratch foods!!! We start with high-quality ingredients, an incredibly flavorful tomato sauce made daily, custom butcher mixed Italian meatball and sausage made to our specification (both of which are to die for), incredible crust resulting in the best deep dish Chicago Style pizza pies outside of Chicago. Don’t take our word for it!!! Read some of the Yelp reviews from our visiting Chicagoans and many Midwestern ex-pats calling Hollywood Pies “the only true Chicago-style deep-dish in Los Angeles”, then, simply try it for yourself!